donderdag 20 november 2014

The bird, an animal to blog about

For years I have been blogging about my work as a software tester.
But that's not the only passion I have.
Another one, perhaps my greatest one (at least the oldest!), is observing birds.

When I was seven/eight years old I noticed my grandfather had a big cage in his backgarden with birds in it. I was intrigued and asked him what kind of birds were in the cage.
He said that the cage is called an aviary and the birds in it were canaries, society finches and a number of other finches. He kept them because they were nice to observe and they sing nicely (at least the canaries!)
From that day on I knew I had a new passion: birds.
Throughout my childhood I mastered the skills to keep birds and observe them: in the aviary and outside. I also knew what I wanted to be: an ornithologist.
Years went by and I continued my passion.
To become an ornithologist in science I had to study biology, so I went to Wageningen University and obtained my Master in Science degree.
Unfortunately work was scarce in biology, but I am a flexible guy and started a career in software testing.
But in my free time I am in the field observing birds.
After a decade in software testing ornithology is still my greatest passion and that's why I started this blog: to share my passion!

Follow my adventures in observing birds on this blog and also at Twitter and Facebook.

Birds are amazing, an animal to blog about!!

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