vrijdag 11 december 2015

Costa Rica birding, Pura vida!

Yes, I did it!
I finally went to the small Central American country of Costa Rica for a 2 1/2 week of adventure, beach-bumbing, cocktail-drinking and not to forget feast of bird-watching.
Well, the birds did not disappoint me.
Everywhere you went, there they were. In the highlands, at the volcanoes, the beaches and the wetlands, and even in the busy streets of San Jose.

Time for a blog series :-)

The next blog posts I will treat you with my experiences I had crossing the different parts of Costa Rica:

  • The mysterious wetlands of Tortuguero
  • The laidback atmosphere at Costa Rica's Caribbean coast
  • The explosive times at the Arenal Volcano region
  • The moist cloudforests of Monteverde
  • The phantastic scenery at Costa Rica's Pacific Coast
  • The busy streets of San Jose
Stay tuned the next weeks for a Costa Rica Bird extravaganza with some spectacular bird behaviour you have never seen.

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